Limo Hire Rates in Melbourne

Rates vary due to peak and off-peak times.

These rates serve as a guide only, some vehicles have minimum hours for wedding season, and prices for Spring Racing Carnival are not included. Off peak Mid week prices may be lower than stated here.

Give us a call for a quote!

6 seat stretch limousines

6 seat stretch $180 - $220 per hour

10 rear passenger stretches

10 seat stretch Ford LTD $240 - $330 per hour
10 seat Statesman $300 - $400 per hour
10 seat Mercedes $350 - $450 per hour
10 seat Chryslers $300 - $400 per hour


12 rear passenger stretches

Please note our 12 seat stretches carry all 12 passengers in the rear, as well as a 13th passenger in the front. There is only one other Chrysler in Melbourne and one in Brisbane like this) Nearly every other Chrysler in Australia carry 9, 10 or 11 in the rear, with one in the front. Our cars are manufactured locally in Melbourne and are significantly lighter, stronger and longer than all imported Chryslers.


12 seat G6E Fords $300 - $400 per hour
12 seat Chrysler 300C $340 - 450 per hour
14 seat Hummer $380 - $500 per hour
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